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Eileen O'Hare & The Third Rooom

Set of Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine Rattle

Set of Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine Rattle

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Made in collaboration with Eileen O'Hare, a Beacon NY based Spiritual Healer and teacher fluent in the Andean Q'ero tradition of Shamanism, one of many Shamanic traditions that uses rattles as tools to move energy. Eileen was called to make the rattles by the spirit of Mother Mary.

The Clear Rattle evokes divine feminine energy while the Gold Rainbow Rattle represents the sacred masculine. The rattles can be used separately or simultaneously. If used together, hold the Clear Rattle with your left hand and the Gold Rattle with your right hand to further enhance the flow of this archetypal energy.

Color: Set of Clear and Gold Rainbow

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Blown Glass


9 in x 3.5 in x 3.5 in

Care information

Handle rattles with care, they are fragile and should be placed and kept on a soft surface.

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