About Us

The Third Rooom (with 3 O's) is a collaborative art and design studio focused on the creation of unique work that is informed by intuition and experimentation. Founders Romina Gonzales and Jason Robert Bauer seek to alter perception and expectation through the realization of their work in glass and other mediums.

From a numerological perspective, "The Third Rooom" conveys a powerful message of creativity, unity, and spiritual growth. It symbolizes a space where individuals can express themselves freely, harmonize their energies, and connect with others on a profound level. This title suggests a place of transformation and self-discovery, where the synergy of creativity and unity creates a unique and enriching environment.



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Romina Gonzales (b. Lima, Peru, 1989) is a New York based interdisciplinary artist working towards the expansion of consciousness and creation of cultural capital from a post-colonial lens. Moving seamlessly between sculpture, printmaking and performance, she portrays gestures and narratives through material responses by questioning givens and offering alternative perspectives. She uses the intrinsic properties of materials to open up possibilities in understanding, seeing and believing. In the pursuit of collective healing, she finds applications for ancestral practices into the needs of our contemporary existence. Influences come from wellness, spirituality, science, and the dissonant narratives that uphold society. Works include intimate objects, large-scale architectural installations, interactive happenings and disparate syntaxes in written and spoken word.

Her work has been featured in The New York Times, New York Post, New York Magazine, Remezcla, Hyperallergic, and included in the collections of The Museum of American Glass and Cooper Hewitt Museum. Exhibitions include Glass+A at Vitraria Museum in Venice, Italy, Terra/Derma at The Holland Tunnel Gallery in Newburgh NY and Flammable Statement No2 for the GMTF Film Festival at Northlands Creative in Scotland, The Museum of Arts and Design in NY & Toyama Institute of Glass Art. Presentations and lectures include Stanford University, Cornell University, Pratt Institute, Bard Graduate Center, Brooklyn Tech High School, University of Georgia, St. Francis College, Long Island University, Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University and Bowling Green State University. Most recently she has been commissioned a public installation titled Finding the Window, currently on permanent display at the New York Hall of Science Museum in Queens, NY.


Jason Robert Bauer [b. 1986] is an American born artist working in pursuit of equanimity through the expansion of consciousness. His work exists as an ongoing exploration of intuitive processes and technical challenges to create mental, physical and spiritual experiences through mediums such as glass, light, sound and time. Bauer is interested to engage his audience through a transformative interaction.

Bauer’s work has been presented at Fort Makers, The Assemblage, Lorimoto Gallery, The Bitter End and Bowery Electric in New York City, the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia and Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland in Cleveland, Ohio among others. Residencies include STARworks in North Carolina, Circle 6 Studios in Arizona, the Pittsburgh Glass Center and Bowling Green University in Ohio. His work has been featured in the New York Times, New York Magazine, Dwell magazine, Design Milk, Sight Unseen, among others. His most recent interactive sculpture, Still Time, has been presented at The Arts Commission’s Momentum | Intersection exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art in September 2021.

The Third Rooom is a J & R Bauer Inc company. Founded in March 2018.