F o r m a t i o n

Organic drops of glass that have been inflated using a process developed by us to bring light, nature and life into living space. Featuring the place where plants meet water, each Formation is ideal for keeping, growing, sprouting & propagating your greenery, flora, herbs and other horticulture. Contents are illuminated and energize space by casting subtle movement of light and shadow around the surface in which they are placed. Each Formation has an individuality that serves as a memento to bring upon an expansion of awareness in the present moment.

E c o - f r i e n d l y

Made using an energy efficient process developed by us with recycled and disregarded glass.

Simple to install, includes a brass screw, drywall anchor and a plant care & maintenance manual.

Formations are great in groupings

Contact us directly to inquire about price breaks for orders of 11+ pieces and/or custom installations.

We'd be happy to work with you on a custom layout design and installation plan for any space.

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