Blown glass accents of light that bring nature and plant life into our living spaces.


Inspired by intuition, flow and spontaneity, Formations are drops of glass that have been organically inflated with compressed air in one singular heat.

Reminiscing water, the texture and surface patterns are prints created by elemental changes infused to the molten glass as it transforms from liquid to solid, very much like those that occur in nature.

Formations are ideal for growing, sprouting & propagating plants inside our living and working spaces. Indoor plants improve the quality of air by releasing oxygen and moisture into the environment and reducing levels of interior pollutants. They are also great for growing herbs indoors during the winter for easy access while cooking or making salads.

Formations illuminate their contents and activate spaces by casting subtle movements of concentrated light and shadow upon the surface in which they are placed. They are mementos that bring upon an expansion of awareness in and of the present moment.

Easy to install

Includes brass screw and instruction manual for mounting & plant care.


E c o - f r i e n d l y

Formations are designed to be made through an energy efficient process, without requiring additional sources of heat to shape the glass outside of the working window provided by the molten material. $1 of every Formation sold is donated to NOC, an alliance of organizations that supports organic agriculture.

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    Palo Santo Holder

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    Palo Santo HolderPalo Santo Holder
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    Formations (Set of 3)

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    Formations (Set of 3)Formations (Set of 3)

FORMATIONS look great in groupings!

Contact us directly to inquire about custom installations or for orders of 20+ pieces.

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