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The Third Rooom

Formations Cluster Wallpiece

Formations Cluster Wallpiece

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A version of our signature Formation Wall Planter turned into a sculptural cluster. Made by spontaneously inflating molten masses of glass and then assembling them into an organic structure by fusing them onto each other while hot. They are meant to hold water and plant life, or to just create accents of light reflections and shadows on the walls upon which they are placed.

- Available in 3 different sizes
- Simple hardware and instructions for mounting are included
- Made to order, 3-6 weeks lead time
- Custom colors available upon request

3-6 weeks lead time. Made to order.


Hand made blow glass



Care information

Clean glass with a damp cloth or gentle glass cleaner by applying cleaner onto a non-scratch lint-free cloth and wiping gently. Clean any metal hardware with a dry cloth with no solvents. Turn light off prior to cleaning and allow ample time for light too come to room temperature.

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